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ViQo Conference Proceedings Published

The proceedings of the 2016 ViQo Conference have been edited by Stefan Gugerel, Christian Machek, and Clemens Egger, and published by the Institut für Religion und Frieden, as an official publication of the Republic of Austria, with the title Ordnungskonzeptionen für die Zukunft: Impulse aus schiitischer, orthodoxer und katholischer Tradition [Conceptions of Order for the Future: Proposals from the Shi’a, Orthodox, and Catholic Traditions].

The volume includes essays from Christian and Muslim perspectives on such topics as the natural law and its relation to revealed law; freedom, autonomy and theonomy; the dialogue of faiths and cultures; and the relation of religion and politics. Despite their differences, the essays show points of convergence and common concern between Christian and Muslim thought.

The conference was held in Vienna in cooperation with the Johannes-Messner-Gesellschaft, the Institut für Religion und Frieden of the Austrian Military Diocese, the The International Institute for Peace and Religions, and the Al-Hikmah Institute of A-Mustafa International University.

The cover and table of contents of the volume can be downloaded here.

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